We take sustainability extremely seriously in an industry that we believe doesn’t always do enough to address the issue.

We have in depth knowledge of sustainable materials and the best approaches to upcycling. We can make any project 100% sustainable while still maintaining a high-end design look and feel.

Blocks and Cubes and many of their components are re-used for every hire project.

The structure steel frames, roofs, sub-floors, stud walls, glazing, doors, railings and cantilever arms are all re-used on each project and are the key components for our structures. Power cables, distribution units, sockets, air-conditioning units and lighting fixtures are also stored and re-used for projects.

Universal aperture sizes mean that cut to size materials can be re-used.

Wall panels such as corrugated steel sheets, Dibond panels and wooden slats can be stored and re-fitted for future projects. Composite decking and carpet tiles are examples of flooring finishes that can be re-used.

All work is completed at our warehouse unit prior to on-site delivery.

This approach means a lot less supplier cars, vans and lorries travelling to site. Two completed Blocks travel on one lorry. Minimal crew are required to set up.

Structures remain assembled.

For tours or multiple site events, this means no repeat material installations with minimal crew and vehicles.

Custom structures can be owned by clients.

The structures are stored and deployed at multiple events over a number of years. They remain fitted-out meaning no repeat materials.

We partner with Event Cycle.


Event Cycle are an amazing organisation that connects the event industry to the not-for-profit sector. This partnership helps us to repurpose and redistribute any necessary leftover materials to charities, social enterprises and community groups giving them a second home rather than going to waste. Event Cycle let us know where the donated items have gone to and provide us with a certificate to confirm which charities have benefited.